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Express delivery of documents, letters and goods is focus area of our company. Since 2001, we provide high-quality post services to corporate and private clients. Among our customers are online stores, public institutions, lawyers and a great number of other persons. They need urgent delivery across Russia and the guaranteed delivery time!

In what areas do we offer express shipping?

Our company Express Tochka Ru carries out the urgent delivery of goods across Russia. We are ready in the shortest time to deliver your shipment to any point of Russia and CIS countries. In addition, our courier service provides international transportation at a high level. In our face, you will get a reliable and responsible partner, with which you will be able promptly to deliver cargo to destinations located in various parts of our planet!

We will surprise you with our prices!

The loyal and thought-over price policy is one of important competitive advantages of the company Express.Ru. The price of services is always established and written in detail in rate scale. You can see the rates on our website. One should note that the price of the delivery could change and often downwards, because we regularly provide our clients with discounts and special profitable offers.

We really fast delivery mail throughout Russia!

We carefully study a delivery route, we have a wide partner network and we do everything possible that your shipment must been delivered to the addressee in time. Moreover, Express.Ru guarantees full safety of all transported goods. We offer an opportunity to insure your cargo. The complete satisfaction of each emerging customer requirements is one of the most important tasks for our company!

Urgent delivery of documents and other goods with quality guarantee!

Our company never stops in its progressive development. We use modern and functional system for tracking shipments and actively introduce new services aimed to ensure that our work is as transparent as possible for customers. Express Tochka Ru always listens to the wishes and suggestions. We seek an individual approach to each customer. This approach and the professionalism of each employee gives us the opportunity to hold leading positions in Russian market of express delivery services!

Express.Ru – We do shipping fast, reliable and profitable !

Our offices
+7 (989) 760-00-50 anapa@express.ru
+7 (8182) 46-05-35 arkhangelsk@express.ru
42\2 50 Let oktyabrya street +7 (4162) 54-12-44 blagoveshchensk@express.ru
+7 (911) 600-04-45 vnovgorod@express.ru
+7 (4922) 47-09-45 vladimir@express.ru
Volgograd, 12 Nevskaya street, 1.5 office +7 (8442) 23-20-19 volgograd@express.ru
+7 (931) 297-44-77 vyborg@express.ru
14 March 8 street +7 (343) 288-70-48 ekaterinburg@express.ru
26a Vishnevskogo street, office 103 +7 (843) 203-46-37 kazan@express.ru
3 Mayskiy pereulok kaliningrad@express.ru +7 (4012) 50-75-23
+7 (4842) 20-18-81 kaluga@express.ru
+7 (3842) 33-01-21 kemerovo@express.ru
+7 (902) 888-44-03
Sennaya str. 22/22 +7 (4942) 50-47-05 kostroma@express.ru
+380 443 79-28-43
12 Hakurate street +7 (903) 449-33-66 krasnodarinfo@express.ru
+7 (3522) 55-45-85 kurgan@express.ru
11 Proletarskaya st., office 200b 8 (4134) 639-639 magadan@express.ru
7 Gordeevskaya street, office 108 +7 (831) 277-05-25 n.novgorod@express.ru
Parhomenko street, 30 +7 (988) 351-00-02 novorossiysk@express.ru
+7 (383) 277-29-24 novosibirsk@express.ru
20 Shcherbaneva street, 101 office +7 (3812) 21-46-41 omsk@express.ru
+7 (342) 254-05-14 perm@express.ru
33 Gogol street, office 101 +7 (3822) 52-70-08 tomsk@express.ru
55 Melnikaite street +7 (3452) 57-80-70 tumen@express.ru
+7 (347)287-72-59 ufa@express.ru
Lenina pr. 19 +7 (351) 799-54-29 chelyabinsk@express.ru
+7 (924) 8-777-565 yakutsk@express.ru

Franchise sold

Открытие в августе 2017 года.

Franchise sold

Открытие в сентябре 2017 года.

Franchise sold

Открытие в сентябре 2017 года.

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