Insuring of Dispatches

Dear Clients!

You can use the insurance services for all your dispatches: correspondence, packages, parcels.

You can insure your dispatch both with and without item value proof, paying by cash or card.

Insuring of dispatch
WITHOUT item* value proof
for up to:
1,500 RUB
WITH item* value proof
Insurance up to 1,000,000 RUB with documents proving the value. Or up to 4,000,000 RUB subject to additional agreement in person, at one of the Express.Ru branches.

* The following items can't be isured: short-life food products, items from precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, unique and antique items, collections, religious items, documents, securities, manuscripts and currency notes, flammable and explosive substances, items from glass, china and ceramics.


Insurance premium 1% from the declared item value.
Item are insured only if the consignment note indicates the type of items sent and their declared value.
Cargo insurance applies to deliveries anywhere in Russia, but only for items picked up for delivery from the following locations: Moscow, St. Petersubrg.

Cargo insurance

The best way of protection your goods during their transportation across the country or the world, is cargo insurance against unforeseen events that can result in different risks for cargo. Our company offers its clients to use simple and clear insurance service for compensation of possible losses of the insurance company. In the area of cargo insurance, we work with the best, reliable and responsible partner, which guarantee a prompt consideration of each insured event and full compensation for any damage.

The price of insurance service

Insurance premium depends on the amount of insured transportation, including confirmation or non-confirmation of the declared value of goods. Insurance rates may depend on the type of insurance, type of vehicle and nature of cargo transportation, the characteristics of the route, the degree of probability of the risk of loss or damage to goods. All tariffs are fixed in your agreement. You can affect the cost of insurance service by yourself, making it more profitable - just enter in the good-transport waybill the nature of the cargo and its declared value, the parameters. All these play a key role in the calculation of the insurance premium.

Insurance of delivery across Russia

Quality insurance of cargoes in Russia allows the cargo owner to minimize the risk of loss or stolen during transportation. We offer various insurance options in order to create the most comfortable conditions for cooperation with our customers. You can buy a one-time insurance policy for one transportation or more if you need. We provide cargo insurance during transportation across the country, but only if Moscow or St. Petersburg are the points of its registration and dispatch. Shipping for all types of cargo between these two cities is available daily.

Insure your post deliveries

Use the insurance of parcels and post deliveries, if you do not want to suffer losses, and to receive maximum guarantee of safety of cargo during transportation to the addressee. This type of insurance is one of the main components of a modern system of transportation across the country. The cost of such insurance is 1 % (but not less than fifty rubles) This tariff is based on declared value, written in accompanying documents. You can get full consultation about cargo insurance in general and parcels in particular and also about deadline for postal deliveries in our offices, or by calling 8-800-505-08- 08 (call is free), or you can call the duty operator.