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Pre-paid orders

We promptly deliver prepaid orders throughout Russia.

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Pickup by the client

The buyer can pick up the ordered goods at any of our offices

Partial return

Delivery of a partial return to the sender with accompanying invoice and return certificate.

Next-day delivery

Seven days a week

Instant delivery notification with SMS and E-Mail

API for integration
Express.Ru provides all documents related to our system integration into your online store, and helps with setup and support.

Contacts of e-commerce managers

Anastasiya Kalashnikova
Irina Belosludtseva


15 years of perfect delivery service

Courier service for online stores is one of the main directions in rising market of fast delivery goods by remote clients. On a boundary of 2000 we created a project of “hot” cargo delivery in Moscow and elsewhere in the country. The activity of online commerce led us to create a new segment, in which we meet high standards of quality to this day. We have a strong operating system for the processing of goods received from suppliers, professional team of courier workers and high reputation among customers. Not every transportation company can provide such high service.

Our task is a high quality of delivery

Courier delivery made a short way between virtual shop and real customer. Delivery operates seven days a week, and the sorting of goods is made with sufficient regularity. This has mainly done to send goods to their destinations early in the morning. The goods are delivered to customers in the pre-agreed time with the accompanying documents, warranty card, cashier’s check. In the interest of our partners and clients – sellers and buyers, we take cash on the spot for the delivered goods and then transfer money to store’s account. Besides, customers can take their order in our offices in Moscow and ST. Petersburg.

For Russian internet-users

We provide a prompt delivery across Russia immediately after the payment of the goods. Every day specialists of our company provide a consolidated receipt of goods in warehouses in ST Petersburg and Moscow Region. Further goods are prepared for the shipping to their destination by optimal route. We use lorry park, trains, ships and airplanes, which give us an opportunity to deliver goods in a period of a few days in the most remote parts of our country in the subtropics and the Far East, the Arctic Circle and on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Integration into the online shop system

Now courier services for the online stores have become even better and closer. We have developed an electronic system with special functions and structures, which let online stores work with courier service using their interface. If you are interested in this information, you want to learn more about API integration, want to ask questions and receive answers regarding the configuration and system support, you can call our operator on the telephone numbers indicated on current web page. Our managers will help you. We will be happy to offer a close and fruitful cooperation to our longstanding business partners and new friends.