About us

Our courier services were founded in 2001. Our activities are licensed by the Ministry of Communications of the RF, thereby obliging us to keep our services to the highest quality standard.

Our main field of activity are express deliveries of correspondence and cargo in St-Petersburg, Moscow and across Russia.

It’s not a secret that the most popular transportation route in Russia is between Moscow and St-Petersburg. Our experience gives us the right to guarantee the delivery of your items on this route within one day.

Correspondence and cargo can be delivered according to your preferences and requirements, such as delivery to a certain hour (starting from 9am) or within a particular period of time.

Correspondence on the route between St-Petersburg and Moscow is delivered by train, daily and accompanied by a courier. Express-delivery of packages and small cargo dispatches on the same route is carried out by cargo vehicles (load capacity 1.5 tons).

Several dozens of our company couriers will make sure that your greetings, invitations, invoices and other important papers are delivered to your addressees around the city.

We carry out prompt deliveries, including cargo transportation, to all cities in Russia– they can also be insured, upon your request. Our managers will take into account all your requests and will offer the most beneficial conditions for collaboration.

Your choice and your trust in our work are your right to quality services.

Our code of practice

«Express.ru» courier services is open:
8am to 10pm on work days and 9am to 6pm on weekends and holidays.

When sending packages and large-dimension cargo the client shall pack the items in a way that prevents access to the package contents from the outside without damaging the package integrity.

The client must notify the delivery agent about the cargo contents.

The cargo marked as «Extremely dangerous» must be appropriately packaged and must have all the necessary accompanying documents (waybill and contents description with the sender’s company seal; cashier’s check and receipt invoice are also desirable)

Decree of Mincomsvyaz of the RF

on 26 September 2000 No 725

Item 53. The following items are forbidden for posting in internal post:

а) firearms, signaling, pneumatic, gas weapons, ammunition, cold weapons (including throwing weapons), electric shock devices and lightning arresters, as well as main parts of firearms;
б) narcotic, psychotropic, drastic, radioactive, explosive, poisonous, flammable and other dangerous substances;
в) poisonous animals and plants;
г) Russian currency and foreign currency (except for currency sent by the Central Bank of Russia and it agencies);
д) perishable foods;
е) items and substance which through their character or through their packaging can be dangerous for postal workers, might pollute of damage other postal dispatches and postal equipment.

Item 54. If when receiving a postal dispatch postal workers have a suspicion that it might contain the items forbidden for posting, such dispatch shall only be accepted after opening.


Item 55. Federal postal organizations have a right to arrest internal postal dispatches containing the items forbidden for posting, at the location of their discovery.

Temporary storage of such items shall be carried out at the federal postal agency facility, ensuring its exact accounting and secure storage. No unauthorized persons may access such goods.

The discovery in postal dispatches of items listed in “a” and “b” of item 53 hereof and the arrest of such items shall be immediately communicated to the interior authorities or federal security agencies. An office from the said agencies in the presence of the head (deputy) of the federal postal agency (facility) shall confiscate the forbidden items and substances, shall execute a report one copy of which shall be forwarded to the sender.

Useful information about our services: express deliveries, courier, cargo transportation, cargo deliveires, courier services.


Details (Moscow)

«Express.ru» LLC
Legal address: 125445, Moscow, 7a Staropetrovsky drive, building 25, 2nd floor, office 3
Actual address: 125445, Moscow, 112/ Leningrad highway, building 5
INN 7713696866
KPP 771301001
OGRN 1097746758834
Settlements account: 40702810702790000312
BIC: 044 525 593
Corr. Acc.: 301 018 102 000 000 005 93
OKPO: 64425518
OKATO 45277592000
OKVED: 64.1
Telephone: (495) 231-21-21
Fax: (495) 231-21-21

Details (St-Petersburg)

«Express» LLC
Legal address: 191011, St-Petersburg, 30 Nevskiy prospekt
Actual address: 191011, St-Petersburg, 30 Nevskiy prospekt, 196084, St-Petersburg, 26b Zastavskaya street
INN: 7841022735
KPP: 784101001
OGRN 1157847152473
Bank: TI "Ligovskiy" Branch "Sankt-Peterburzhskiy" OJSC "ALFA-BANK"
Settlement acc. No 40702810432060003029
BIC: 044 030 786
Corr.Acc.: 301 018 106 000 000 007 86
OKPO: 69201321
OKATO 40298561000
Field code in OKVED: 64.12, 61.1, 63.12, 64.11.11
Field code in OKTMO: 40908000
Telephone: (812) 603-22-22, (812) 448-08-08
Fax: (812) 603-22-22
Our offices
Bertul'skaya 8 street, 1 office +7 (8512) 60-11-35 astrakhan@express.ru
+996 (312) 975151 bishkek@express.ru
Krasnoarmeyskaya 123 street +7 (4162) 54-12-44 blagoveshchensk@express.ru
36 Oktyabrsky Avenue +7 (81153) 6-91-50 pskov@express.ru
63A Vatutina st +7 (8672) 54-71-25 vladikavkaz@express.ru
Zelenaya street, 1A, office 1.08 +7 (4922) 47-09-45 vladimir@express.ru
Volgograd, 12 Nevskaya street, 1.5 office +7 (8442) 23-20-19 volgograd@express.ru
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91 Moskovskiy avenue +7 (4852) 94-00-69 yaroslavl@express.ru

Franchise sold

Открытие в июле 2019 года.

Franchise sold

Открытие в октябре 2019 года.

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