Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery for online stores

— Express.Ru delivers the products from online stores in China to destination address, indicated in accompanying documents issued by online stores or the issue of products can be carried out at any collection point in the relevant city.

— The receipt of the statement for the dispatch delivery is possible in two ways - via API or by means of downloading through excel.

— Yes. We have already delivered the products for online stores and Chinese transport companies as well, our employees are familiar with the specifics of such delivery, and the software has already been adapted for such tasks.

— Please, send Your request to our e-mail and we will send You the rates.

— Thanks to the work experience with Chinese transport companies and online stores we have improved our software as well as business processes and achieved a high delivery rate on the first day of delivery, i.e. the number of returns of products on the first day of delivery is significantly lower than in other companies. Thanks to this the cooperation with us will ensure a record time for delivery of goods from online stores in China to the recipient in Russia.

— Our couriers enter the information on delivery to the database using their smartphones immediately after delivery, so we immediately send you a notification via viber, sms or email.

— On working days from 10.00 to 18.00 at a standard rate. — Delivery on weekends or in the evening (after 18.00) is paid additionally in the amount of 150 rubles per each dispatch.

Calling a courier

— You can place an order: — by telephone 8-800-505-08-08 (free of charge for calls from The Russian Federation) — by telephone +7 (931) 205-24-37 via messengers viber and whatsapp — by office telephone in your city contacts — by telephone, ordering a callback from our manager. — through personal account, after signing up on our website. — with the help of the form calling a courier — via social networks: Facebook , Instagram , VK — through the map of courier movement on the homepage of the website, selecting the courier that you need. — through the calculator on the homepage. Calculate and immediately place an order. — via mobile applications. download for IOS and Android .

— A courier is called free of charge! You pay only for the delivery of Your dispatch to the recipient.

— Yes, we collect and deliver the cargo at a certain time. If you need courier services within St. Petersburg, so the price is calculated at a rate + 150 RUB provided that you ordered a courier to come at a definite period of time (a period of time of 3 hours or less, for example from 15:00 to 18:00) or the delivery at a definite period of time (a period of time of 3 hours or less, for example, from 11:00 to 14:00).

Placing an order

— Express.Ru is obliged to deliver the dispatch to the address specified in the Client's application and hand it to the Recipient with the signature of the person who actually accepted the Dispatch in the Consignment bill. The delivery to the office of our company in the city of receipt is also possible.

— A consignment bill is a document (blank), made typographically or with the help of automatized system of Express.Ru, drawn up in accordance to the template posted on website in four copies and confirming the fact and time of transfer of the Dispatch from Express.Ru to the Recipient. The consignment bill is the confirmation of Express.Ru service rendering on a specific Dispatch.

— A detailed instructions on how to fill out a consignment bill can be found on our website in the Online Servicessection, or at the desk of our office.

— You can inform about it when placing an order, as well as to make a note about the need to deliver on weekends in our consignment bill in section 5 in the "Delivery Details" box (Check the box Saturday or Sunday), as well as order express delivery mode in section 3 of the consignment bill in the block "Delivery mode" (Check the box "Express").

In order to send an order we need: — sender's address — contact telephone number — contact person — destination city — courier's arrival time — weight and dimensions of Your dispatch More information about consignment bill filling out.

Calculation of cost and weight, dispatch tracking

— You can calculate the cost on our website in calculator section, or ask a question to a call center operator.

— The dimensional weight characterizes the density of the cargo, a less dense item occupies more space than a more dense item having the same weight.

— Our specialists determine the dimensional weight based on the size, i.e. dimensions, packed dispatch. More information about dimensional weight calculation is here.

— This formula allows you to calculate dimensional weight, knowing the length, width and height of the box. In this case we proceed from the fact that 200 kg. of cargo can be placed in 1 cubic meter. The delivery price is calculated based on dimensional weight in case when the dimensional weight exceeds its physical weight.

— Yes, of course, we have different packaging, all the consumable materials are free. You can see packaging samples here .

— There is a tab in Online services section on our website Methods of payment. Choose the method suitable for you.

In order to track the cargo you need to know the number of Your dispatch (order or consignment bill number). Our call center operator told You order number, also you can find it in order history in personal account, in addition you received it in SMS just after making an order and consignment bill number is in our blank on the top right under the barcode. You can track the location on our website with the help of dispatch number in Online services menu -> Tracking

— If you did not tell your mobile telephone number to our call center operator when placing an order, so you can enter this information to the consignment bill (section 5, fields for sms or e-mail notifications) that you will fill out for sending the dispatch to our courier or employee at the reception desk.

Rates and services, service

— This rate implies the delivery of the dispatch by yourself to the office of our company, and your recipient independently takes it from our office in the city of destination. More about the rate.

— We do not deliver the products with cash on delivery.

— We carry out express delivery within Russia. We are ready to deliver your dispatch within a very short time to almost any point in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

— Yes, we render such a service. It is available in the following cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Tver, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Tyumen, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg.

— Yes, we insure dispatches. You can insure Your dispatch (parcels, letter packets) with or without confirmation of the insured amount by means of cash or cashless payment. The following products can not be insured: perishable foods, precious metal wares, precious and semiprecious stones, unique and antique items, collections, devotional articles, documents, securities, manuscripts and currency notes, flammable and explosive substances, glassware, porcelain and ceramic products. More information about consignment insurance is here.

— You need to send your company details and consignment bill number to our e-mail:, then the accounting department will prepare all the necessary documents for You.

— Yes, of course, we transport fragile goods, we carry out careful transportation in a special strong packaging. Fragile goods sending (including products made of glass and plastic) is calculated + 50% to the rate.

— Yes, the delivery on weekends is possible. The delivery is carried out at a standard rate within St. Petersburg and Moscow on weekends i.е. without additional payment.

— Yes, it is possible in the following cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Tver, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Tyumen, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg.

— Yes, and it has already been included in the rate. We determine how many couriers send to You based on dispatch declared weight!

— No, we do not render such a service.

— Yes. The company has been providing high-quality courier services to corporate and private customers since 2001.

— You can address all your wishes directly to our director with the help of the form in Quality control section on the website or write directly to the e-mail

— Of course! You can set up your own business under our brand today. More information about Franchising terms can be found in franchising section.

Offices working hours

— This information is available on company's website. It is necessary to choose in "About Company", section Contacts tab, then find the city you need and find out more about the working hours.

— In the office at 30 Nevsky Prospekt until 18.30, in the office at 22 Zastavskaya Str., B until 20.00. The delivery within Moscow will be on the next business day.
Our offices
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Franchise sold

Открытие в сентябре 2019 года.

Franchise sold

Открытие в сентябре 2019 года.

Franchise sold

Открытие в октябре 2019 года.

Franchise sold

Открытие в октябре 2019 года.

Franchise sold

Открытие в октябре 2019 года.

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