Cargo transportaton goods in a short time under favorable conditions for the client, as well as a wide range of related services offered by the company "Express.Ru" Available freight rates, superior quality service, accurate and prompt delivery anywhere in the world - these are just the basic benefits of working with our company.

Trusting the delivery of goods to our company, you can not worry about what goods or documents will be delivered to the recipient in the proper form and within the stipulated time frame. Transportation trucking services performed "Express.Ru" in accordance with high international standards of service. We pay special attention to the quality of service, strive to achieve maximum understanding with the client, so the treaties entered into by our company are described in detail the rights and responsibilities of each party.

Cargo insurance provides an additional guarantee of their safety. The insurance fee is included in the cost of freight, in agreement with the "Express.Ru " also states the responsibility that the company is in breach of contract.

Shipping cost

Due to the elaborate logistical schemes and competent management within a company, we are pleased to introduce you to the minimum rates for shipping without losing the level of service. The main factors that determine the prices for shipping are:
- Distance transport of goods;
- The necessary urgency - in addition to regular shipping, we offer express shipping, inexpensively implemented as soon as possible;
- The volume and weight of cargo carried;
- Specific order.

Cargo transportaton with "Express.Ru" - is first and foremost reliability, and besides - the speed and effective service organization. No one wants to stand in long queues in storage, or fill in complicated declarations, consisting of dozens of items. Therefore, choosing a company that provides freight transportation, must first pay attention to the company, which has been successfully carried out international cargo - an indicator of the ability to solve complex logistical tasks, as well as a measure of respectability of the company and its viability as a player at such a difficult market what are the freight.

Many firms promise to the customer freight carriers are inexpensive, but they do not save in this case as? How do I check? It's simple: put your weight on the time within which the company operates in the trucking industry and its customers to view. On the one hand, if the firm was not created yesterday, means and services of its time-tested. On the other hand, the budding firm may have an impressive potential, which is not just a show. And even if the initial stages of the carrier demonstrates the accuracy of prices and adequate, in particular in such a complex area such as international shipping, and this is already to make sure customers means the company can safely entrust their cargo