"Special" Rate

Rate for delivery of correspondence to tax authorities, consulates, embassies, retirement funds and similar agencies and authorities

In Moscow and St-Petersburg

Delivery prices in roubles, with VAT

Weight** kg
express * same-day
standard * next-day
up to 1
1680 rub.


Moscow ↔ St-Petersburg

Delivery prices in roubles, with VAT
Weight** kg
express * Next-day to a certain hour
standard * next-day
up to 1
1790 rub.
1350 rub.

* The price includes 2 hours' wait. Each following hour of stand-by – 300 rub

** In the case where the volumetric weight of the load exceeds its physical weight, the shipping cost is calculated by volume weight.

Express.Ru – professional service of fast delivery of correspondence

Mandatory requirements for fair adjudication, successful participation in tenders, subsidies, visa and travel permits and solution many other similar situations involve the timely provision of documents to various public authorities and institutions. Our delivery of correspondence will do everything efficiently and reliably. In this case, you get the assurance that the reports, letters, evidence receipts, papers and other items will be promptly delivered directly to the addressee.

Who may be need in our delivery of correspondence in Russia?

These services are interested not only by individuals but also by corporate organizations. Fast and reliable delivery is an important requirement for successful business. You will be able to provide it with the help of the courier service Express Tochka Ru. Our clients are private lawyers, government workers, industrial plants, online stores and many other enterprises, which regularly need quick delivery of mail and cargo. They need express delivery of correspondence and cargo.

Concerns over confidentiality is our advantage!

The company Express Tochka Ru provides not only the safety of the transported goods, but also guarantees the lack of third parties access. We carefully pack all the transported correspondence and other goods and keep confidentiality in the process of delivery. You can be calm and really completely sure that your documents will be handed directly to the addressee or a person authorized by him.

Fast delivery of correspondence

Professional courier service Express.Ru observes all deadlines; therefore, your documents will be handed directly to the addressee in time. We work every day, so you can make order throughout the week. In most cases, delivery takes 1-2 days, but if you send the documents to the farthest regions of our country, so delivery time may increase significantly. You can be sure, that managers of Express. Ru will inform you.

Express.Ru – You can rest assured your delivery is in safe hands with us.