Dispatches from Moscow to any town in Leningrad Region are also delivered the next day.

If courier appointment at a certain hour is required (for example, courier arrival 11 am sharp) or for a delivery at a particular hour (for example, precisely between 10 and 11 am) an extra fee of 150 rub. will be added.


The delivery rate is calculated based on the physical weight of the cargo with packaging. However, if the dimensional weight of the cargo is greater than its physical weight, the rate is calculated by the dimensional weight. The dimensional weight of the cargo is determined by the packaging dimensions using the formula: Width (cm) x Length (cm) x Height (cm) / 5000 and is expressed in kilos.

Some light-weight packages may nonetheless take up large spaces in the delivery vehicles. For example, a large package of light construction PVC foam can weigh only 2 kg but take up the space of a large TV box. 20 such packages would fill up an entire lorry but will only weigh 40 kg. Renting a transporter for only 40 kg will not even pay the fuel costs. For these purposes the mathematicians have created a formula calculating the bottom-line financially efficient transported weight. The formula looks like this:

Calculation of dimensional weight of rectangular packages: ОВ=(X×Y×Z)/5000
Length - X, Height - Y, Width - Z.
Calculation of dimensional weight of cylindrical packages: ОВ=(r²×3.14×h)/5000
Radius - r, Height - h.
Calculation of dimensional weight of wedge-shaped packages:
ОВ=(½ length × height 1 × height 2)/5000
ОВ = (Striangle × h)/5000;
h - height 1, Striangle - area of ​​the triangle, which lies at the base of tube, is calculated by Heron's formula.

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